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Water vapour in the air makes surrounding as cool. Human beings and animals need oxygen. Fill it with water. Candle should not be submerged in water. Now, light the candle. Then, place a glass tumbler upside down such that it must cover the lighted candle. What happens? The candle needs oxygen to burn. The air available in the tumbler has oxygen. With this oxygen the candle burns. After sometime, the candle blows out. This is because, the entire oxygen has been used up.

No more oxygen is available.

You can see Ocean currents are like rivers of water flowing through the ocean. They are warmer or colder than water through which they pass.

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Various kinds of plants and animals fish, shark, whale are living in the ocean. There is a soft; Oozy mud covering the floor of the ocean down to a depth of metres. Many useful materials are in the ocean. Most important among them are the common salt and iodine. Tides occur in the ocean. What are tides? Tides are the regular movement of the water caused by the gravitational pull of the moon.

Water is essential for all living things. This shows the presence of oxygen in air. Most of the water is available in the oceans and seas. Near the north and south poles, the oceans are in the form of ice. Each year the farmers wait anxiously for the rain to supply water for their crops. In a bad year, there is not enough rain and plants, animals and humans die.

All living things contain water. Water melan plant has 97 percent water. About half the mass of a tree is water. About two-third of your mass is water. These minerals are useful for plants in preparing their food. Water transports substances through a plant, carrying minerals from the soil to the stem and leaves. Oxygen dissolved in water is used for marine life. Blood in your body, which is mainly water, carries minerals to all the cells.

6th standard second term book

The blood in your lungs dissolves the gases into the air and carries them round your body. Waste products are removed away through water. Everyday you lose some water in urine and whenever you breath out. The water cycle Atmosphere plays an important role in the water cycle. During the summer, the water is not found in the lake. Where did the water go?

A part into the ground. Water changes into water vapour. The process of conversion of water into vapour is called evaporation. Heated by the Sun, water on the surface of lakes, rivers and oceans evaporates and become water vapour in the atmosphere. It joins with the water vapour released from the leaves of plants and forms clouds. When the clouds are lifted by upward motion of air, they cool. This can make the water vapour to condense into tiny water droplets.

Often they freeze into tiny ice crystals and start to fall. They are too heavy for the air to keep them up. They reach ground as snow or melted as rain after melting.

Some of the water runs along the surface in rivers. The rest sinks into the ground. But again it will be back Fig.

This process of circulation of water to water vapour then clouds and again rain is called water cycle Fig. The water you drink today may have been drunk by someone thousands of years ago! Nature has been crumbling the rock into tiny fragments called soil. This is done in many ways. The frequent change in heat and cold, cracks off surfaces of rock.

Blow of wind converts rocks into sand. Glaciers scrape rock surfaces. Waves beating against a shore converts rocks into smaller and smaller pieces.

The soil in which plants grow is a complex substance which contains mineral salts, decayed organic materials and decayed living organisms.

The value of the soil depends on its power to supply plant food, air and water to the root of plants. Water rises in soil just as water rises in a sponge. The rising of this water keeps the plants growing.

Soil is the shelter to a number of insects, reptiles and other animals. There must be a right temperature. All living things must remain with certain limits of temperature.

Another condition is water. All living things require water. Light is essential for green plants. Animals need a source of food.

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They cannot exist in places where the food is not available. Plants use carbon-di-oxide present in the air and sunlight in preparing their food. We cannot live without breathing.

We get oxygen from the air. Animals living in water like the fish get the oxygen from water Fig. The oxygen is dissolved in water. So atmosphere must have oxygen and carbon-di-oxide. Water, atmosphere with oxygen and carbon dioxide, suitable temperature and food are available only in our Earth. Hence, life exists only on the Earth. In the other planets the above said things are not available. So life is not possible in other planets.

Choose the correct answer.

How many planets are in the solar system? Write the name of the planets. Day and night changes alternately in the Earth. Give the reason. What is the time taken by the Earth to complete one rotation? If the day is longer than night, then is it summer or winter? If the night is longer than day, then is it summer or winter? Is our Earth like a solid cricket ball or hollow foot ball? What are three layers of Earth? What is called atmosphere? Give the composition of air.

What is the use of Ozone layer? Which gas is essential for burning? Name the useful important materials available in the ocean. What is called water cycle? How is soil formed?

State the requirements that are essential for the existence of life on Earth. In which layer of the Earth do you expect to find petroleum?

If you breathe out over a glass plate, why the glass plate appears misty for some time? What happens to water when wet clothes dry? List out the uses of soil.

From where do the fish get oxygen? Make a visit to the nearby planetorium and observatory station. List out the events observed. Measurement Measurement is necessary in everyday life.

If we go to the textile shop to download the cloth for stitching shirt, we do not ask the seller to give one cloth. If we go to the vegetable shop, we do not ask to give a little amount of potato. If we go to the provision store, we do not ask to give a little amount of sugar. What is the journey time of the bus from your village to town? In the textile shop, we ask for 1 metre cloth and the seller measures it using a scale. In the provision store, we ask for 1 kilogram or 2 kilograms sugar and the seller measures it using a balance.

The journey time of the bus is 30 minutes. In the above cases, we measure the quantities like length, mass and time using a metre scale, a balance and the time watch. Hence measuring quantities with units like metre, kilogram and hour or minute plays an important role in our daily life. What is the size of your science book? At what distance your school 13 is located from your house? How much milk do you want?

What is the area of your class room? What is your mass? What is the time taken by you to complete metre running race? Measurements are necessary to answer such questions. Without measurement we cannot make a correct judgement. A guess or a rough estimate may give a wrong answer. Science is concerned with finding out about the world, Why things happen? How things work? Early scientists, the ancient Greeks relied almost entirely on their senses. They were good at observing and at suggesting explanations of what they saw, but without doing experiments.

For example, Aristotle believed that heavy objects fall faster than lighter objects. But we know it is wrong. Measurements have helped scientists and engineers to understand motion, how aeroplanes fly, how satellites behave, how machines work. Measurements make it easier to describe observations. Careful measurement is an important work of any scientist. See the blackboard in your class room.

What is its length? Let your answer be 2 metres. Here 2 is the number and metre is the unit of length. That is the length of the blackboard is two times the length of the fixed quantity metre called unit.

12th chemistry study material 2019

Let your answer be 30 kilograms. Here 30 is the number and kilogram is the unit of mass. That is, your mass is 30 times the mass of the fixed quantity, kilogram, called unit. Thus, every measurement consists of a number and a unit. The comparison of an unknown quantity with some known fixed quantity of the same kind is called measurement.

The known fixed quantity is called unit. Different units Fig.

New Syllabus Materials - To help the candidates in their preparation for KCET, the exam conducting body has provided the study material and video lectures.

State govt has made study materials available for anyone from www. Generally water is taken as standard material. In the below segment of this web page, there are names of famous Authors and Publishers that should be noted duly by all the medical aspirants. After then you should make your routine for your study, this is very important if you really want good marks in your exams. Link to download the complete CBSE 12th Chemistry question paper is given at the end of this article.

Happy Downloading! These notes will provide you overview of all the chapters and important points to remember.

CBSE issues sample papers every year for students for class 12 board exams. Study material for cbse class 12th board exam , download sample paper and previous year paper, model paper of physics, chemistry, biology, maths, economics, geography, commerce, business studies, english and hindi. Identify A, B and C and write required reaction. Proper diagrams, images and educational animated videos for difficult answers are included in the Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Study Material for proper understanding of the students.

For Classes 9th,10th,11th,12th. Students preparing to appear for NIOS 12th exam must download the syllabus and start their preparations accordingly.

Worried about the pattern changes in 12th Examination? The study material for IIT JEE is obviously based on the syllabus provided in the information bulletin by the organizing committee. For ka model paper please click on the link provided. First aspirants know the exam pattern and full syllabus; Download the good study material or good books Study Material. The 12th study materials are being designed in such a way that it gives the complete idea of the CBSE class 12 syllabus.

Specific gravity or relative density is the ratio of density of sample material to the density of standard material.

Two parts paper I and paper II of each language paper are combined. Students are encouraged to gain more knowledge by Reference Books, apart from the prescribed Books of Study Material provided. Chemistry Study Materials — Important Topics.

Tamilnadu TNSCERT new 1st 6th 9th 11th books pdf download

So Lot of students need more and more study material for get more high mark. The exam tips are mentioned below. Medical students are good at Biology and Chemistry but they face problems in physics subject.Now, that moon is called New moon Fig.

In the summer, the days are longer than the nights. If you have any queries please let us know. First aspirants know the exam pattern and full syllabus; Download the good study material or good books Study Material. People looking for a new job can also find study materials for that job.