The Name of this Book is Secret is a fantasy novel for young readers by Pseudonymous Bosch. It chronicles the adventures of two children, Cass and. The Name of This Book Is Secret book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Warning: this description has not been authorize. The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret Series, Book 1) [Pseudonymous Bosch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read the series.

The Name Of This Book Is Secret

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Автор: Bosch Pseudonymous, Книга: The Name of This Book Is Secret, Серия: Secret, Жанр: детская проза. Mild mystery tries too hard to be Lemony Snicket. Read Common Sense Media's The Name of This Book Is Secret review, age rating, and parents guide. The Name of This Book is a Secret. Stop! leave now. This is a secret story about a dangerous secret I must not reveal. Good. You're curious. You're brave.

Pseudonymous Bosch is a pseudonym, or as he would prefer to call it because he is very pretentious , a nom de plume. Unfortunately, for reasons he cannot disclose, but which should be obvious to anyone foolhardy enough to read this book, he cannot tell you his real name.

But he admits to a deep-seated fear of mayonnaise. Visit www. Visit Usborne Quicklinks for teacher's notes with discussion topics and classroom activities structured around the UK National Curriculum for this book. Explore the Quicklinks for this book. Sign Up.

Author information. I am under the impression that the author's name might just not be a real person's name. The book as it is is only presented to us because, although the contents are so dangerously shocking, life-changing and world-affecting, the author just cannot keep a secret. All attempt is made at putting us off reading, without being aware of what the consequences might be.

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All the same, we don't know where it happens, when it happens although it starts on a Wednesday , nor even the characters' real names I'd strongly recommend the book, and will make no secret of that fact. Beyond the author's dire warnings, however, is a good adventure story with real warmth and unique and quirky characters. Max-Ernest — Max-Ernest is the year-old male protagonist of the story.

His parents became kind of divorced shortly after his birth because they couldn't decide whether to name him Max or Ernest. Despite this, they still live in the same house, which they have divided into two sections.

Each parent cut their house in two, literally, and combined the two by lifting his father's side of the house and putting it next to Max-Ernest's mother's side, saying that while they dislike each other, they don't want to rob their child of a childhood shared with both his parents.

They don't cross into each other's side of the house or talk to each other, rather act like the other isn't there. Max-Ernest has a speech disorder that has caused his parents to take him to many psychiatrists and doctors. Instead of inhibiting his speech, it makes him talk incessantly until someone stops him. As he has so many conditions, his parents have a problem of thinking that he has every single condition that exists.

Book: The Name of This Book Is Secret

Cass is his only friend and collaborator. Max-Ernest was a speed talker and he talks to himself a lot. In the book, he also translates what Benjamin mumbles to everyone to make it audible. He is noted to have equal hair length and the reason was philosophical, which is that he wanted to give all his hair with equality. He likes all school-taught subjects and likes solving riddles.

They seem to know the cause of Pietro's death and are desperate to find his song, which contains information about the secret the series revolves around. Once they find out Cass and Max-Ernest have his notebook, they go to any lengths to take it from them. It is also revealed during the story that Dr L is Pietro's brother Luciano after Cass discovers a birthmark of a crescent moon on the back of his neck that is mentioned earlier in the book. They own a spa called "The Midnight Sun," which is run by alchemists whose mission is to search for secrets to everlasting life.

As hinted several times in the book, Ms Mauvais and Dr L are much older than they look; they wear long gloves to hide their wrinkled skin, which only appears on their hands. They are described as dangerously beautiful. He also has an indistinguishable accent. Ms Mauvais has big eyes, a very tiny waist it is compared to Barbie's waist , stylish, beautiful blonde hair, and is covered in gold jewellery.

She is hence called the Golden Lady as referred by Pietro in his diary. Her voice is described as icy. Pietro Bergamo — Pietro Bergamo is the synesthetic magician, who was given The Symphony of Smells, a box containing vials of different fragrances, from Ms Mauvais many years ago.

He also wrote the notebook that Cass and Max-Ernest found, telling them about how close was he and Luciano and how they joined the circus. He had a twin brother, named Luciano who also has synesthesia , who was kidnapped by Ms Mauvais and is now her partner, under the alias Dr L. Although the narrator often refers to him as "dead," Cass and Max-Ernest receive a note from him in code which they decipher. Pietro's initials are used at the end of the note. He won a prize for an art show, since he has synesthesia or the confusion of the senses, and paints in an attractive yet unique way.

Halfway through the book, he was kidnapped by Dr L.

The Name of This Book is SECRET

This might be a way for him to get kids to imagine themselves in the story, but I found that it made the characters very flat. I wish the author had spent more time on descriptions and developing the plot than telling me he wasn't going to tell me something.

On top of that, this book was edited poorly. There were missing words all over the place, and not intentionally. I would imagine this would frustrate children as well. The footnotes were also a strange idea, and I felt half the time that I was being talked down to - and I'm not even the intended audience!

I also found it strange that some of the illustrations didn't match up with the descriptions. One I remember off the top of my head was the picture of the real estate agent's sign which described the woman having a toothy grin. In the illustration her mouth was closed. Why bother with illustrations if they aren't going to match the story? That was very weird, and also lazy.

All in all, this was a big disappointment. I was expecting something exciting and funny but it was the exact opposite. I don't know if I'll bother reading the next book, and I'm especially glad that I got this from the library. View all 24 comments. Dec 27, Carly rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Definitely one of the best books I've read this year.

At times it is annoying how blatant the Snicket influences are definitions of words are hinted at, and readers are sent to the dictionary to look up difficult words , but basically this book is just BETTER than any book in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I felt like a great deal in those books was filler, and this book manages to be Definitely one of the best books I've read this year. I felt like a great deal in those books was filler, and this book manages to be clever while still being funny and better written.

The author is not as great at tying up loose ends, admittedly, which Lemony Snicket is a master at, but I think it's worth it. I couldn't put the book down and had to dig it out in baggage claim while waiting for my bag because it was that riveting. There are entertaining puzzles in this book for someone of any age.

I think there are jokes everyone would enjoy. View all 14 comments. Mar 26, M. Heiser rated it it was amazing. Isn't this a kid's book?

The Name of this Book is Secret

Actually, it is. It was written for kids aged And aren't you almost 40?

And thanks so much for putting that out there. So what the devil are you doing reading a book that was written for someone a quarter of your age? If you aren't careful, halfwit, I'm going to punch you in the face. So tell me whatever long-winded thing you dragged me in here to tell me. Sometimes, as a grown up, you feel the need to read great-big ponderous books, generally referred to as "epics. Maybe you read them thinking there's some great answer in the book, a way of coping with the fact that sometimes life sucks and there isn't anything you can do about it.

Or maybe you do it because somebody loaned you the book and insisted that you'd love it. Whatever the reason, those great big epics, whether they're good or bad, reveal to you all the ways that your own writing isn't really all that good. You didn't think up that believable but out-of-left-field plot twist. You didn't make your characters as three-dimensional. You didn't study abroad, and thereby learn the specific dialect common to people of that special place. You aren't good enough to write an epic.

When you've sufficiently overwhelmed yourself with how awesome, amazing, and out-of-your-league all of those writers of epics are, it's time to have a step back and remember why it is you started writing in the first place -- and I'm willing to nearly GUARANTEE that it's because of a book like "The Name of This Book Is Secret," by Pseudonymous Bosch. This book isn't going to rewrite any dictionaries. It won't challenge your philosophy. But it will help you remember how much fun it was to be 11 years old -- how fun, and how scary, and how lonely at times.

It will help you remember that feeling you had when you picked up a book and realized that anything was possible, that any number of universes lived in a library, that a hero always rises, and usually that hero rose in the heart of a child just as effed up as you were.

I won't reveal any more of the book's secrets, apart from saying that riddles and word play and adventures abound. Do yourself a favor and find out for yourself. Read it, then loan it to a friend who is weary of epics. Then give it to a child. View all 7 comments. I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to speak of it!!!

But one thing for sure: View 2 comments. Dec 18, peachygirl rated it it was ok Shelves: If I hear the words secret or survivalist one more time, I'll lose it. Such a drag. Mar 09, Book Whales rated it it was amazing. They were promoting it because I heard it was a really good series and it was also gonna release its last book.

And I decided to read the synopsis and did some background research upon it and then I fell in love with its concept. Do you know Series of Unfortunate Events? Its a 13 book series which will be in my all time favorite book. Well the tone of the story is somewhat similar to SOUE that is why I was really determined to read this book.

But back then I did not have enough money to download it so it was only last week that I bought it. And there was no regret whatsoever after reading the first book. If there my classes did not resume, I could've finished this book in one sitting but neverthless I still managed to read it within two school days.


It is in easy read since it has pages and the font is slightly big. The first thing that is very entertaining with this book is its illustration or drawings for the title chapters. It is always refreshing to see books with drawings on it. Make you feel like a kid again reading some picture book. So that is the first positive thing of this book The way author tells the story is also funny.

Throughout the book he uses as "fun tone" and always leaves some side comments here and there about the main characters. Also you will find that there are some kind of footnotes and appendix the helps the story and provides additional information towards some topics. The characters are relatable since they are your typical boy and girl 12 years old but at the same time not typical.

Since they have some unique qualities in them that are essential to the advancement of the story.

Max Earnest and Cass will entertain you with their thought-process. Even the side characters or the villains are entertaining as well. The author really did create soem quirky world within this story. The build up done from start up to the climax to the resolution of Book 1 is done beautifully.

It presented the overall concept of the story while leaving you with some thing to wander. Makes you want to read book 2 immediately which I am doing right now So, with that long review I hope I convince you to read this book pleaseee: D Give it a try and if you dont like it Nov 01, Totoro rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was so good! My inner child loves it: Two adventurers and the magician are investigating a lot of things but what makes this worth the read is the spectacular writing style!

Highly recommended. Nov 25, Emily rated it it was amazing. View all 6 comments. When two eleven year old kids; Cassandra, a self-proclaimed survivalist, and Max-Ernest, find a mysterious "Symphony of Smells", they stumble upon the suspicious death of a magician, some evil alchemists, and the existence of the Secret of life. It's My thoughts Note: This review is for the whole series: The plot for each book is interesting and each one is different. The characters are all believable, relatable, and have distinct personalities.

The Appendic Summary: The Appendices at the end of each book were cool too, as they usually contained activities, games, and some information. So I loved this series, and you should give it a try. Pseudonymous Bosch also has a book called Write this Book; a Do-it Yourself mystery, which is a sort of guide for young writers on how to write a mystery. It's not completely related to the Secret Series there are, however, some references to it in Write This Book , but I still recommend reading the Secret Series first.

Happy reading! Jun 17, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: You know what I don't like? Granted, apparently Mr. Bosch was able to keep his pseudonym secret for three years before he was discovered and how he must have howled and eaten several pounds of dark chocolate when he was discovered , but still, I just don't like knowing.

Perhaps I am in a secret-keeping mood thanks to this book. Yes, this bo You know what I don't like? The book really has a lot going for it: The riddles were very good, the kind of thing I bet a kid would have fun working out before they read on to reveal the answers, and the appendix is full of random, interesting information. If you don't like quirky books, you'll hate this one.About Pseudonymous Bosch Pseudonymous Bosch is a pseudonym, or as he would prefer to call it because he is very pretentious , a nom de plume.

Perhaps I am in a secret-keeping mood thanks to this book. I guess I'm just in one of those moods! You didn't make your characters as three-dimensional. Write a review. Our club had mixed feelings about this book. You didn't think up that believable but out-of-left-field plot twist. This book though, was annoying. For me, it was really such a small small part of what is otherwise a very light book that I was able to really enjoy reading it anyway.