Life-Sciences partCSIR-JRF-NET-GATE-DBT. Pages·· Seven CSIR NET Life Science Papers (Memory Based) – (Dec., 03 – Dec., 06). Life Sciences Study Material MCQ (Download PDF) Biology for CSIR NET JRF: Comprehensive, point-wise and updated study material and. CSIR NET Life Science Books, Study Material and Coaching. CSIR NET Life Video lectures. Short Notes in PDF Format for Quick Revisions.

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Searching CSIR NET Life Sciences books and study material? Download here You will get the CSIR NET Life Science Books in PDF format. download free study material pdf ppts and videos for iit jam, gate and csir net life science in biological science and biotechnology field from our free platform. For PDF books you have to download from site all those which are available. Few free editions Where can I find the Arihant Life Science CSIR NET exam book? Undo. Jasmit Janeja, Has been teaching and into research in life sciences.

Principles of Stereochemistry P. Kalsi 2. Organic Reaction Mechanism Peter Sykes 3. Spectrometric Identification of Org. Compounds R. Silverstein, F. Webster 5.

Organic Photochemical Reactions James H. Coxon, B. Chemical Bonding and Shapes of compounds J. Huheey 2. Organometallic Compounds Bodie Douglas 4. Real Analysis H. Royden 2. Linear Algebra Hoffman and Kunze 3.

Complex Analysis R. Churchill 4. Algebra Joseph A. Gallian 5. Topology G. Simmons 6. Ordinary Differential Equations M. Rai Singhania 7. Partial Differential Equations M. Rai Singhania 8. Numerical Analysis Jain and lyenger 9.

Calculus of Variations A. Gupta Linear Integral Equations Shanti Swarup Classical Mechanics H. Goldstein Statics S. Mathematical Method of Physics H. Dass 2. Classical Mechanics Herbert Goldstein 3.

Griffiths 4. Statistical Mechanics R. Patharia 5.

CSIR NET Life Science Syllabus, Question Paper, Books, Study Material

Atomic and Molecular Physics Raj Kumar 7. Solid State Physics N. Pillai 8. The Physical Setting: Callister 3. Physical Geology Miller 5. Geomorphology and Global Tectonics Summerfield 6. Paleontology Arnold 7. Optical Mineralogy P. Kerr 9. Compare Photorespiration and Respiration. Difference between Transpiration and Guttation.

Compare the Effects of Gibberellin and Abscisic Acid. Enzyme Immobilization: Techniques of enzyme and whole cell immobilization. Compare Endonuclease and Exonuclease — Mechanism of action. Difference between Batch and Continuous Fermentation Process. Solid State Fermentation: Animal Cell Culture: Advantages and Disadvantages.

CSIR Life Sciences Important Notes

Applications of Restriction Enzymes. Molecular Biology: Philadelphia Chromosome: DNA Repair Mechanism: Nucleosome Model of Chromosomes. Classification of Chromosomes based on Position of Centromere. Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Chromosomes. Karyotype and Idiogram: Preparation and Clinical Significance. Difference between Apoptosis and Necrosis.

Molecular Mechanism of Programmed Cell Death. Intrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis Intrinsic Signalling. Extrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis Extrinsic Signalling.

Pisum sativum: Model organism in Genetics. Mendelian Genetics: Monohybrid Inheritance. Sex Determination Mechanisms in Plants Melandrium album. Difference between Linkage and Crossing Over. Difference Between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Compare Bacterial Endotoxins and Exotoxins. Bacterial Endospore: Structure, Characteristics and Formation.

Difference between Bacterial Endospores and Vegetative Cells. Difference Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Transcription. Difference Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Translation. Eduncle provides you the best online coaching and guides you to the path of success in the exam. You will be provided with the eBooks for Life Sciences. You will be able to obtain help through online lectures on each topic by our proficient faculties.

After studying all the topics completely, you should know the topics from which the questions are asked in previous years. You can download them for the following years with the help of the links provided against them.

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Topics Weightage of Questions 1. Mensuration Questions 2. Series completion Questions 3. General Aptitude 5 Questions.Thanks for asking your query with us! Molecular Biology: Spectrometric Identification of Org. Our team will get in touch with you. After receiving you details, our experts team will call you and guide you well for all your queries. Yes, you can talk with our experts team regarding the same, they will guide you on this.

Experiment based questions Questions 8.

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